Southwest Tree Specialists
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Southwest Tree Specialists was founded in 1999 by Mr. Anthony Pomo, Certified Arborist. Mr. Pomo has been involved in tree care for 38 years. He is dedicated to the professional care of trees and shrubs as well as to the satisfaction of his clients throughout the State of New Mexico.

Evan Baker
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Joren Viers
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Amy Bell
Groundwork Studio
(505) 212-9126

Established in 2014, Groundwork Studio’s goal is to take landscape architecture and planning to their full potential in terms of site design coordination, improving overall project synthesis, ecological resilience, functionality, and site specific experience. We specialize in civic, recreational, and educational environments, facilitating understanding of interconnections through safe, accessible, and interactive design for all ages. Our services include urban design and planning, creative placemaking, landscape integration, and regionally appropriate planting, soil building, and irrigation design. We are guided by the idea that when we improve our surroundings, we transform ourselves.