Our Community Planting Programs are designed with the purpose of planting trees in large and small urban areas. With the help of our volunteers we are able to make a successful planting event happen. Each tree planting program includes environmental tree-based education for citizens of all ages. Our goal is to help each community we work with to establish and maintain a healthy urban forest within which to live.



Woodward House Outdoor Classroom and Tree Nursery

Collaboratively managed by Albuquerque Open Space division and Tree New Mexico, the Woodward House is located in the north Albuquerque river bosque. Working with its many partners, TNM staff helps to coordinate unique trainings for small groups of students related to urban forestry. From time to time there are also opportunities for individuals to volunteer at this facility where hands-on experience alongside knowledgeable mentors provides a win-win situation for teacher and student.

For more information please contact Kelly White at (505) 265-4554

Urban Forests on School Campuses

A collaborative program between Tree New Mexico, Foundation for Building and Albuquerque Public Schools, this program has set out to plant a small urban forest on all 227 campuses in the Albuquerque School District. Literal ground-breaking will begin in the fall of 2020 with APS’s Career Enrichment Center on Mountain Road. Watch for more about this program in the coming months.


  • Andrew Lisignoli
    What a treat. Before I say anything I must say our community is so fortunate to have Tree NM. Frankly, you all are a source of community pride which is oh so needed in today’s world.
    Andrew Lisignoli
    Trees of Corrales, Ltd.
  • Helen
    I want to thank you both very much for the wonderful tree that was planted in my yard on Saturday morning.  It is a Chinese Pistache and was even larger than I expected.  It is lovely.  I am so very grateful to have been the recipient of this wonderful tree.  Also, the people who installed it were gracious and so very capable.  Thank them for me as well.
    Victory Hills
  • Joseph
    Dear Tree New Mexico staff and UHA board: Thanks for the beautiful desert willow in front of my home and all the other trees along Columbia Drive and throughout the neighborhood. What a wonderful, inspirational project! Your joint effort is much appreciated.
  • Jennifer
    This has been such an impactful program for canopy and community alike – so many kudos to you for working through those early plantings and learning and growing and getting better.  I am so impressed with TNM’s process now, and how many volunteers you normally get.  Incredible.
  • Patty
    Wow, big thanks to everyone involved in our tree planting.  Super  big shout out to Pat Davis for his support!!!
    Victory Hills
  • Bonnie
    Thank YOU! I think this goes without saying, but I’m so happy to help establish an urban forest canopy and real community in our city. I wholeheartedly believe we all are, and that’s why we do what we do! Our planting team also received many positive words of encouragement and thanks during our planting. People think this is the coolest most wonderful program and I agree 😊 Looking forward to fall plantings and seeing everyone again (probably still from a distance).

    Stay well everyone!

    Volunteer Leader
  • Jenny Sanchez and Max Garcia
    Hello All, Thank you so much for making all those beautiful trees available to our neighborhood. We are thrilled with them and the neighborhood will be looking better and better as the trees mature and flower. I check ours daily just in case there is an early flower. You all are absolutely awesome, thanks for all your efforts and time canvassing our neighborhood with flyers, arranging everything and planting the trees for us. What a wonderful program! We so much appreciate all your efforts.
    Jenny Sanchez and Max Garcia
    Los Volcanes Neighborhood Association


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