NM NeighborWoods takes the main concepts of the ABQ NeighborWoods program and adapts them to other urban centers around the state.

We share our program process from start to finish including:

  • Community building through neighborhood or tribe involvement
  • Tree Plotter database training materials
  • All current documents
  • Suggestions for partnerships with your city and county
  • Suggestions for funding sources

Please contact us to explore the possibilities!

Call our office at (505) 265-4554, and ask to speak to Betta Eisenberg, TNM Special Projects Program Director. Betta can also be contacted at betta@treenm.org.


International District Tree Planting, Education, and
Air Quality Monitoring Project!

EPA Environmental Justice Collaborative Problem-Solving (EJCPS) Cooperative Agreement Program is funding tree plantings and tree education for a total of $200,000 in the International District (ID). A portion of this money goes to our partner, the Health Equity Council, to conduct air quality monitoring. In addition, Arbor Day, Dollar General, and TreeGreenNM have donated funds to increase the number of trees in the ground.

This project involves a planting of 100 neighborhood trees, a planting of 50 fruit trees, a giveaway of 200 trees, three Tree Walk&Talks and three Tree Workshops in 2022. And the same things in 2023. Tree New Mexico will plant the trees using our Community Planting model and include our usual tree planting and tree maintenance education at every step.

Thank you to our partners: Health Equity Council (HEC), International District Health Communities Coalition (IDHCC), City Councilor Pat Davis, District 6, East Central Ministries, NM Independent Automobile Dealers Association (NMIADA), and Dakota Tree Project.

Video Credit: Dana Childs

Tree New Mexico received financial support from the EPA under an Assistance Agreement.
Arbor Day Foundation
Tree Green New Mexico
Dollar General