NM NeighborWoods

NM NeighborWoods takes the main concepts of the ABQ NeighborWoods program and adapts them to other urban centers around the state.

We share our program process from start to finish including:

  • Community building through neighborhood or tribe involvement
  • Tree Plotter database training materials
  • All current documents
  • Suggestions for partnerships with your city and county
  • Suggestions for funding sources

Please contact us to explore the possibilities!

(505) 265-4554 or email us at Kwhite@treenm.com

Jubilee Community – Los Lunas Tree Planting Project! 

Facebook donated $75,000 for Tree New Mexico, NM Urban & Community Forestry Division, Southwest Tree Specialists, and many trained volunteers to plant 100 native trees and 115 understory shrubs in front of the Jubilee Community along Hwy. 6 in Los Lunas.

Thank you Tree New Mexico’s Board Members Michael Payton and Jim Maddox for their support efforts with this project, our trained planting Team Leaders, and planting volunteers from the Los Lunas community, including Jubilee residents, Los Lunas High School students and teachers, and Valencia County Extension Master Gardeners. All participants will attend “Plant-a-Tree” workshops held just before the event allowing 215 trees and shrubs to survive for a long time.

READ MORE https://treenm.org/2021/04/22/earth-day-announcement-2021/ #facebook #earthday


2021 Jubilee

2021 Jubilee
Jubilee Planting


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