ABQ NeighborWoods Maps and Stats

ABQ NeighborWoods

Since 2017 Tree New Mexico has increased the trees in the ground by 4,082 Trees in 24 Neighborhoods.
*On maps below each color represents a different tree species.

Albuquerque Tree Plotter Spring 2021

McKinley, Councilor Gibson, Spring 2021

McKinley Tree Plotter Spring 2021

Los Volcanes

Los Volcanes Tree Plotter Spring 2021

San Jose/South Broadway – Parks and Recreation and Councilor Benton

San Jose South Broadway

Skies West – Councilor Borrego

Skies West

Juan Tabo Hills Fall 2020 – Councilor Harris

Juan Tabo Hills

Parkland Hills Fall 2020 – Councilor Davis

Parkland Hills

North Campus Fall 2020 – Councilor Benton

North Campus

Oso Grande Fall 2020 – Councilor Jones

Oso Grande

Victory Hills/University Heights Spring 2020 – Councilor Davis

Martineztown Spring 2020 – Councilor Benton

Pueblo Alto Neighborhood Association Mile Hi Spring 2020 – Councilor Gibson

Taylor Ranch Fall 2019 – Councilor Borrego

John B Robert Fall 2019 – Councilor Jones

Trumbull Village Fall 2019 – Councilor Davis

Trumbull Village Tree Map

South San Pedro/Elder Homestead Spring 2019 – Councilor Davis

West Mesa Spring 2019 – Councilor Sanchez

West Mesa Tree Map

Downtown Neighborhood Association Spring 2019 – Councilor Benton

Downtown Tree Map

Los Duranes/Sawmill Fall 2018 – Councilor Benton

Barelas Spring 2018 – Councilor Benton

Barelas Tree Map

Route 66 West Spring 2018 – Councilor Peña

Rt 66 West Tree Map

South Broadway Fall 2017 – Councilor Benton

South Broadway Fall 2017 – Councilor Benton

Wellspark Spring 2017 – Councilor Benton

Wellspark Spring 2017 – Councilor Benton


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