The Tree Steward Program is an expansive educational opportunity designed for people who love trees, love their community, and want to support the healthy growth of both.

Over a 16-week period, you will explore the many facets of urban forestry in a collaborative volunteer training program taught by experts in the field. Instruction begins the first week of August and runs through the end of October. During this time, you will meet others like you who appreciate the benefits of a healthy urban forest, and you will build supportive collegial relationships with them. Tree Stewards learn to identify the many different trees that grow in our state and how to care for them and encourage each one to live a long and healthy life. They learn to share what they know and understand about trees with others.

During and especially after completing the training, there are numerous and diverse volunteer opportunities where each steward can share what they know about trees. And because what we know and understand about trees is constantly growing and sometimes changing, each steward will be encouraged to participate in the continuing education the program provides.

Email Kelly White if you have questions about our Tree Stewards program.

New Mexico Tree Stewards

NM Tree Stewards Program is an online training with practical connections and support from local tree people. It is designed to educate and support each volunteer participant as they work to support a healthy urban forest in their city, town or village. The program was open for enrollment between June 20 and July 25, 2023. The cost to participate in this online training is $125.00. Each applicant will need to set up an online Canvas Account through which the program will be accessed. Email Kelly White at with questions.

During and after completing the NM Tree Steward Program, the new volunteer will work with other tree advocates and local tree efforts to plant, maintain and educate their community about its trees. They will also find themselves connected to tree stewards throughout the State of New Mexico. This network is ever expanding, and its impact continues to grow.

ABC Tree Stewards

ABC (Albuquerque Bernalillo County) Tree Stewards is designed for people living in the Greater Albuquerque Area. The 2023 program is comprised of both online and in-person classes, workshops, and field trips. Tree planting, maintenance and how to better educate the public about trees will be covered during this program. Participants can expect to expand their tree knowledge and experience as they become part of the statewide network of tree people. Email Kelly White at with questions.

After completing the training, Tree Steward volunteers in ABQ will have opportunities to work with Albuquerque Parks and Recreation, Albuquerque Open Space, The Nature Conservancy, Bernalillo County Open Space, Tree New Mexico and many other program partners. Work options include planting, pruning, and auditing trees. And for those who enjoy sharing what they know, there are also opportunities to teach and mentor others about trees, their benefits and how to care for them. To apply, see the application button below.

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