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Learn more about how to best care for your trees.

Below you can watch our videos on “How To Plant A Tree”, “How To Watering A Tree”, and “How To Pruning A Tree”. Also, there are some additional resources for caring for your trees.

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How To Plant A Tree

How To Water A Tree

How To Prune A Tree

How To Properly Stake A Tree

More Resources

News from TreeNM

2021 Tree Steward Graduates

On November 13th, 2021, nine trainees graduated from the 2021 ABC Tree Steward program. After completing 14 weeks of intense training Bette Allen, Ann Beyke, Claire […]

Bees and Trees that Please in New Mexico

Bees and Trees that Please in New Mexico Dr. Olivia Carril & Dr. Paul Polechla (Funded by Capital Award # NR208C30XXXXC010 from the U.S. Department of […]

Pollinators and Trees

We are dependent on pollinators for every source of food that we eat. Fruits and vegetables require pollination. For example, a squash plant cannot produce a […]


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