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Tree New Mexico would like to thank all our partners who have helped us increase the canopy of urban and community forests throughout New Mexico and build public awareness regarding trees and the environmental role they play in our communities and the nation.

Everything You Need to Know About Effective Tree Watering

by Kelly White (Tree New Mexico’s Education Specialist) How can I water my tree more effectively and efficiently? Make sure your tree is well mulched, preferably […]

Golden Rain – June 2023 Tree of the Month

Scientific name: Koelreuteria paniculata Description:  The Golden Rain tree is part of the Soapberry (Sapindaceae) family and is a medium to fast growing tree. It is […]

Atlas Cedar – May Tree of the Month

Scientific name: Cedrus atlantica Description:  The Atlas Cedar gets its name from the Atlas Mountains in northwest Africa. This hardy, evergreen tree is known to live […]