Stephen Sutherlin

August 2, 2022

Piñon Pine

Scientific names: Piñon Pine = Pinus edulis  Mexican Piñon = Pinus cembroides Singleleaf Piñon = Pinus monophylla Parry Piñon = Pinus quadrifolia Description: All four species are small […]
July 27, 2022

Rio Grande Cottonwood

Scientific name: Populus wislizeni Alternate names: Narrowleaf, Alamo or Guerigo Description: This is the cottonwood of desert waterholes and watercourses. A deciduous poplar of the Willow family with broad, […]
July 19, 2022

Chinese Pistache

Scientific name: Pistachia chinensis The Chinese Pistache is a medium sized ornamental tree from China and Taiwan that is extremely winter hardy and has a superior level […]
June 27, 2022

2022 ABC Tree Stewards Graduation

Tree New Mexico on behalf of the ABC Tree Steward Program Partners recently announced the graduation of 16 new tree stewards. A graduation celebration was held […]
June 15, 2022

Why Tree New Mexico is Anti-Herbicides

Why Tree New Mexico is Anti-Herbicides Herbicides are singular in purpose. They kill broad-leafed plants that we consider weeds. Unfortunately, weed-killers are not selective and trees […]
November 22, 2021

2021 Tree Steward Graduates

On November 13th, 2021, nine trainees graduated from the 2021 ABC Tree Steward program. After completing 14 weeks of intense training Bette Allen, Ann Beyke, Claire […]
July 29, 2021

What You Need To Know About Staking New Trees

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT STAKING NEW TREES By Davey Trees  While it seems like young trees need extra support, most trees don’t need to […]
May 5, 2021

Bees and Trees that Please in New Mexico

Bees and Trees that Please in New Mexico Dr. Olivia Carril & Dr. Paul Polechla In two of every three bites of food we take, we […]
April 22, 2021

Earth Day Announcement 2021

Facebook Donates $75,000 for Los Lunas Tree Planting Project —More than 100 native trees and 100 shrubs will be planted at Jubilee at Los Lunas Active […]